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Jay Gonzalez for Governor!

Let's talk about the Governor's race. Lots of people think Charlie Baker’s “a nice guy” or “not like Donald Trump.” This of course is a very low bar. Baker has done a great job convincing people that he is a “moderate,” but his governing record and his rhetoric show that him to be much more conservative than the spin.

His conservative instincts have been curbed by our Democratic legislature, which he is working hard to undermine by supporting conservative legislative challengers all across MA.

Here’s just some of his conservative record:

  • Baker has made 4 attempts to cut Medicaid by removing 140,000 working poor from Medicaid, and has been stopped only by the MA Democratic legislature.

  • Baker is only barely committed to transitioning MA to clean energy, saying we didn't need to do more this year and refusing to use even 1% of state dollars on the environment.

  • Baker has made big cuts to elementary and secondary education, hitting our poorest communities the hardest.

  • Baker has endorsed right wing Republican candidates up and down the MA ballot for November, including endorsing Trump’s MA campaign manager for US Senator to replace Elizabeth Warren.

  • Baker has raised millions of dollars for the national Republican party.

  • Baker thinks individual states should decide whether to fly the Confederate flag.

  • Baker thinks it’s a good idea to send MA national guardsman to enforce Trump’s immigration agenda.

Meanwhile, little has been done to advance a positive agenda on transportation, health care, education or the environment/climate change. Let’s AIM HIGH by supporting Jay Gonzalez for Governor, and elect a progressive who reflects our MA values and our MA tradition of leadership!

Top 5 Reasons to support Jay Gonzalez:

  • Jay will stand up to Trump without hesitation and will join Maura Healey in pushing back on his troubling agenda.

  • Jay supports fixing our broken transportation and education funding formulas and is willing to be bold by supporting policies like the Millionaire's Tax to pay for it.

  • Jay will accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy and be a champion for environmental issues.

  • As a former health care executive who wants to move us to single payer, he knows exactly how to get us there.

  • As former Secretary of Administration and Finance when Deval Patrick was Governor, he has the experience to lead on day 1.

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