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Caucus 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Wellesley Democratic Caucus on Saturday, March 7th. We had almost 170 attendees, and 130 voters, many of them first time Caucus voters! And thank you to all of our volunteers who made it possible to have a successful Caucus! We couldn't have done it without you:

Awesome Volunteers: Ellen Burns, Pam Kubbins, Paul Criswell, Parmelee Eastman, Auli Batts, Ric Ripley, Tobey Sullivan, Lorraine Horn, Jeffrey Hoffman, Sheila Boyle, Judy Gertler, Susan Anderson, Sharon Kirby, Janie Penn, Ellie Perkins, Stephen Murphy, Melissa Martin

Congratulations to the following candidates who were elected as Wellesley Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention, which will be held in Lowell, Massachusetts on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Delegates: Auli Batts, Kenneth Batts, Amy Benjamin, Mark Benjamin, Ellen Burns, Andrew Friendly, Catherine Friendly, Mary Olney Fulham, Timothy Fulham, Judy Gertler, Phillip Jutras, Robert McConnell, Kathleen Nagle, Lise Olney, Ric Ripley

Alternate Delegates: Sharon Kirby, Susan Anderson, Alexander Golob, Jim Burns

If you were not successful in being elected to attend the convention, but are still interested in attending, and are: Disabled, LGBTQ+, a member of a Minority group or are a Youth (at least 16 by February 2020 and 35 or under as of May 30, 2020), you are encouraged to apply to attend as an Add-On Delegate. Priority will be given to those who attended the Caucus or who are active in Democratic organizations. Applications to be an Add-On Delegate can be done online and must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 22, 2020. You will be notified of your application status after April 4, 2020. Add-On applicants must be registered Democrats in Massachusetts.

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